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Immigration and Nationality Law

All attorneys associated or affiliated with our firm are licensed and in good standing in at least one jurisdiction in the United States as required for representation of persons in U.S. immigration matters under 8 C.F.R. 292.1. We have been providing quality legal representation to individuals, families, and companies from all over the United States and from several countries around the world since 2001. The firm has great depth of experience and a successful track record in handling the following:

  • Employment-based Immigrant Petitions
  • Family-based Immigrant Petitions
  • Humanitarian Reinstatement Cases
  • Child Status Protection Act [CSPA] Cases
  • Adjustment of Status Applications
  • Labor Certification [PERM] Cases
  • Non-immigrant Visas [B, E, F H, L, O, P, R, TN, etc.]
  • Naturalization and Citizenship
  • Administrative Appeal of Denials, Motion to Reconsider/Re-open Denials
  • Waivers
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals [DACA] Cases

The Law Offices of Eugene M. Palacios has one of the most successful track records in handling CSPA or “aging-out” cases. Attorney Palacios has personally helped numerous children who have already turned 21 years old still come to the United States as direct beneficiaries of immigrant petitions or derivative beneficiaries of their parents’ immigrant petitions pursuant to the provisions of the CSPA.

Let our knowledge, expertise, and experience in handling immigration cases and CSPA or “aging-out” cases work in your favor. Call us now at (626) 331-8188 to schedule your phone or office consultation.

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